All too often mobile devices such as GPS and sat-navs are solely relied upon when it comes to determining direction and whereabouts. But what happens when your battery dies or there’s no signal?

Relying on such devices has the potential to put yourself and your family at risk in the wrong situation; with basic navigational skills you’ll be less reliant on technology and more confident when it comes to getting the most out of an adventure.

Our Conventional Navigation Course is designed for people with very little experience in dealing with a map and a compass – making it perfect for learning the basics. This lifesaving skill is ideal for anyone and everyone, whether you’re a casual country walker or budding adventurer, it’s a must have.

The main aim of the course is to give the student a basic understanding of maps and the practical use of a lightweight compass. The day will begin with a theory class about using a map and compass, which will then act as the main foundation for the course. Once the foundations are set, students will head out into the local area and put the theory into practise, which will involve walking no more than approximately three miles.

Participants should bring a packed lunch and appropriate clothing to suit the weather conditions of the day. The course will start at 10:00, so an arrival of 09:30 is recommended and the course will finish at roughly 16:15 – full directions and instructions will be sent out on booking (we are located in Cornwall, near Truro).

The cost of the course is £45 per person including VAT. To book or for more details contact Spanner on 07899928131 or