If you’re looking for some family fun this summer, then our Family Survival & Bushcraft Course is the perfect way to spend a weekend. You’ll learn the basics of survival and bushcraft, from lighting fires to ground to air signalling, as well as building and sleeping in your own accommodation.

We’re welcoming families of all sizes to come and join us for what is set to be a fantastic weekend. Whether it’s two parents and three kids or one and one, this is the perfect event for some quality family time and to learn the basics of survival and bushcraft.

Assembling on the Friday evening, families will meet one another, break the ice and settle into their accommodation – this could be one of our shelters or your own tent, the choice is yours.

Over the weekend, you will learn the essentials of survival and bushcraft including: fire lighting, safe cutting (use of a bushknife), small game preparation, ground to air signalling, trapping and traps and general tips and knowledge essential to bushcraft.

In between lessons from the instructors, families will have plenty of opportunity to test out their newly learnt skills.

The Saturday will also involve families crafting their own shelters and, if they are structurally stable, they will be welcome to test them out and spend the night in them.

Sunday will be rounded off just after midday, but more activities will be covered with the youngsters in mind, including: escape and evade, manhunt and pilot down.

This family bonding weekend costs £80 per adult and £40 per child. The cost includes all food and refreshments, training and activity equipment.

Participants will need to bring their own sleeping bags, toiletries, towel, torch and appropriate clothing for the weekend (check the weather beforehand).

To book or for more details contact Spanner on 07899928131 or spanner@footstepsofdiscovery.co.uk