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This is just a small amount of feedback provided by clients.

Native American Day.

“I recently used Footsteps of Discovery when teaching my year 4 class about Native America. They were able to design a program specific to this which included tepee making, fire building, rope tying, drumming and dancing. Both Spanner and Leon were very knowledgeable on the subject of the Native Americans and made sure that the children got as much information out of the day as they could. They managed the children brilliantly and were more than ready to adapt the day’s activities when the weather started off too wet to go with the original plan.

My class absolutely loved it all and it gave them a chance to explore skills and manage risks that I would not have been able to provide them with. It definitely brought our topic to life and I couldn’t recommend Footsteps enough.”


10th of February 2016.

Pilgrim Primary School Residential Visit

“I just had to write and thank you for the wonderful residential visit. Several parents have been in touch to say how much their children enjoyed the few days that we had with you and how they haven’t stopped talking about their experiences. I have to say that after eight years of coming to you guys, I still thoroughly enjoy my time in the woods. I used to come home after a residential visit thinking, thank goodness that is over for another year. Now I come back wishing that I could do it all again the next week! You have an excellent team and everyone contributes towards making it a very special week for us all.

Footsteps of discovery has provided Pilgrim Primary School children an excellent, first-hand experience of survival. Most of the children that attend our school have very little experience of the outdoors and this opportunity provides valuable life skills, that they will remember and use for the rest of their lives.Pilgrims

The staff cater for the children’s every need and encourage them to participate in a wide range of activities….we particularly liked the axe throwing this year! The food is outstanding and plenty of it! It’s a great experience for the children where they have the opportunity to learn some independence, character and team building skills, as well as being involved in the daily chores of helping tidy the dining area and lay up for the next meal.
It is set in lovely woods with plenty of free area to explore. There is also plenty of under covered areas for the times when the weather is typically English.
We would fully recommend this residential to anybody.”


3rd February 2016.


A Report to Parents

“There’s often a refreshing level of spontaneity when boys go camping at school, where reticent characters become less hidden and boys who sometimes find it hard to shine in the classroom suddenly become the leading light in the group, setting the pace and driving the team to achieving success.
Our few days in the school plantation brought a focus of learning by undertaking tasks, an encouragement to play, and trying a new skills, including skinning a rabbit, making a feather stick with a bush knife or even using flint, char cloth and a striker to make a fire. Other skills were introduced like tying a knot on a pole. This may encourage boys to do their shoe lases up more often!

The skills needed for life outdoors were continually being unveiled by the Footsteps Of Discovery team throughout the few days. The FOD team are excellent at inspiring our boys to work together as a team and rely on each other far more than in everyday life around school.  A single whistle saw excited boys racing through the woods to the meeting point to stand completely still and announce their readiness with the holler of “Line”. One rarely sees such focused obedience during a PE lesson!

Due to the poor weather on the first night, the boys slept in the small huts rather than building their own shelters. this could be described more as Glamping, but Whatever it takes, sleeping outdoors is earthy, soul enriching, and character building and there can be few such satisfying moments as lying in your warm sleeping bag amongst your friends, the smoke rising from the fire, as the sun slowly descends sadly however, the rain spoilt the moment.  The excitement of the first evening did take a few hours to subside but eventually most managed to sleep restfully.

It was, I’m sure, encouraging to the Summer Fields games staff to hear that the adults camping were woken by boys playing cricket in the woods, using a plank of wood as a bat and a board for the wicket. “Bravo” I would hear some say that is depending on where you were at 06.30! Thank you chaps. !
The few days in the plantation was a great success and although not far away from school, the boys really made the most of the many opportunities in learning new skills, developing a more determined busy team.  The new developments in the plantation (including a super classroom area) were also a great success, not least as they added a greater focal point to gathering for meals.

The Footsteps of Discovery team:  Spanner, KP, Hammy, Bob and Roli were, as usual, legends in their ability to shape the boys into working teams; they always seem to get the best out of our boys through encouragement or instilling the belief in them of “I can do!”  I hope this will inspire the boys in preparation for their trip to Cornwall next term where they will need to build their own shelters and cook for themselves.”

Mr Bradwell

5th of December 2015